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Flavored Coffee | Bulk 5lb.

Flavored Coffee | Bulk 5lb.

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Flavoring is added to our Nicaragua, Cafe Diego coffee. Select your favorite flavor, ground or whole bean, regular or decaf, and we take care of the rest! 5 lb.

Choose from the following flavors:

Blueberry Cobbler- Ripe blueberry with warm cinnamon vanilla notes   

Buckeye- Chocolate and Peanut Butter, like the candy. 

Caramel Vanilla- Brown sugar notes swirled with smooth sweet vanilla

Chocolate Mint- Sweet chocolate and refreshing mint

Chocolate Raspberry- Chocolate blended with raspberries     

Cinnamon Hazelnut- Sweet cinnamon with hazelnut notes    

Coffee Cake- Like a trip to the bakery 

Creme Brule’- Buttery blend of custard and vanilla    

French Vanilla- Sweet, rich, and creamy

Hazelnut- A classic nutty flavor

Heavenly Delight- A creation of chocolate, creamy caramel, sweet vanilla and cherry.

Jamaican Me Crazy- Creamy caramel vanilla with a Jamaican rum flavor.

Jungle Nut- A toasted blend of hazelnut, chestnut, almond and coconut with creamy caramel.

Scottish Grogg- Butterscotch and chestnut flavors with a slight rum note.

Toasted Southern Pecan- Buttery with notes of warm toasted pecans 

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut- The richness of white chocolate with nutty undertones