Hemisphere Craft Chocolate

Craft Chocolate vs Commercial Chocolate... Commercial Chocolate focus on MOST while Craft Chocolate focuses on BEST. Just like coffee or wine, chocolate exhibits a taste of origin: subtle nuances of variety, climate, altitude, roast level, etc. Commercial chocolate mixes all origins together and usually adds unpronounceable ingredients to maintain a sweet, chocolaty flavor that loses the taste of place and the careful, hard work of the producer.

Hemisphere Coffee Roasters is working with our coffee-producing partner/farms to bring you their direct-trade cacao/chocolate.

We sort, roast, grind, winnow, refine and temper at our location in Mechanicsburg, OH.

Ingredients: Fresh roasted cocoa nibs, cane sugar

NICARAGUA -  Fruity flavors with floral touches
ECUADOR – Smooth notes of dark cherry
UGANDA – Rich chocolate flavor with subtle fruit notes